iPhone saga, la suite

Mon iPhone est quelque part à Montréal. :-)


iphone saga

Ouin, bon ça l'air que j'ai pas eu mon iPhone. à suivre.


Laptop saga

Everything in my life appears to be a saga. Here is another one.
To my great disappointment, I will finally not be the proud owner of an alienware gear.
It's kewl, but overrated. And not doing well energy wise. The reviews I read from users about the duration of the batterie while working wasn't that great, even for a 9 cells batterie. I reviewed the construction and finally will get another type of Dell laptop, same processor, same kind of video card, less gizmos, no alien logo, but a bit less weight to carry. But I'm still getting my iPhone this week.

Oh and ... don't cancel purchases (better don't place an order unless you're a 150% sure of it). It' messy.