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Grrrr défoulement écrit contre une émotion à vif

Je ressens le besoin de me défouler par écrit contre une aggression émotive.
J'ai envie de crier ma peine jusqu'à ne plus avoir de voix. Je vais lâcher prise et continuer à vivre. Ça passera, je sais, j'ai juste besoin de crier ma peine là. SVP ne m'en voulez pas de me répéter ici, lisez moi si ça vous le dit. Mais de grâce, ne m'en parlez pas, laissez-moi en parler. Je devrai l'oublier et ça arrivera. En attendant, permettez moi de me défouler, par écrit, j'ai envie de crier ma peine jusqu'à ne plus avoir de voix.


Extract from QuirksBlog: The iPhone obsession.. read it.

Extract from http://www.quirksmode.org/blog/archives/2010/02/the_iphone_obse.html:
"The iPhone obsession
Since my attempts at capturing web developers’ hearts and minds by publishing fundamental research have failed miserably but my thirst for attention continues unabated, today I will once more shout at iPhone developers. That’s proven to work.
More specifically, today I will shout at web developers who think that delicately inserting an iPhone up their ass is the same as mobile web development.
Before we start, a little thought experiment. Suppose I proposed the following:
  1. IE6 is today’s most advanced browser. (Note: this was actually true back in 2000. Please bear with me.)
  2. IE6’s market share is about 80%.
  3. The other browsers are way worse than IE6, and developing for them is a pain; something we’re not interested in and are a bit afraid of.
  4. Therefore we will develop websites exclusively for IE6.
Would you agree with those sentiments, even if we’re back in 2000 and IE6 is really the best browser we have?
Or would you reply that our sites should work as well as they can in all browsers through the use of web standards, progressive enhancement, and all the rest of the best practices we’ve been preaching for the past ten years?
I distinctly remember a time when we web developers cared about such concepts. But those times are long gone."...


Le dentiste - not for the faint at heart, pas pour les coeurs sensibles

Aussi loin que je puisse me souvenir, je n'ai jamais eu peur d'aller chez le dentiste, l'orthodontiste, ou autre. J'ai eu plein de travaux dentaires diverses qui ont été fait sur ma dentition : obturations, extractions, etc. Jamais eu de problèmes.

Il y a de cela deux ou trois ans, j'ai eu à faire remplacer une obturation sur une molaire, un "plombage" vieux de 20 ans et même plus était craqué. Un autre avait, en haut celui-là, entre deux molaires, une petite carrie sur le bord de l'amalgame existant.

Alors je suis allée chez mon dentiste de l'époque, dont je tairai le nom, je me disais que ce serait de la petite bière car cela est loin d'être majeur comme intervention. Il commence à me geler, une, deux injections. je ne sens rien dans l'articulation de ma machoire, mon oreille, mais la dent, elle, fait mal. alors il recommence, ça ne fonctionne pas. Il attend 10 min, ça ne gèle pas plus, même que ça dégèle. Il drille, je hurle, avant de tenter de le mordre, il arrête. Après avoir dit qu'il ne peux me donner plus d'injections, que ça risquerait de faire du tord à mon coeur, il me fait une obturation temporaire et me redonne rdv dans deux semaines.

J'étais geler dans la gorge, l'oreille, la machoire mais pas la dent. Même le coin de l'oeil commençait à avoir de la difficulté à fonctionner.

Deux semaines plus tard, même scénario. J'ai eu de la difficulté à me préparer à retourner sur une chaise de dentiste après cela, il a fallu que j'attende d'avoir mal.

J'ai eu des tonnes et tonnes d'obturations, d'extractions, plus ou moins difficiles mais une chose comme ça ne m'est jamais arrivée. On a toujours trouvé le bon nerf à geler.
Dans une heure je repars, wow, j'ai pas très hâte. hâte que cela soit terminé en fait. Au moins la nouvelle dentiste semble beaucoup plus à son affaire. On m'en a dit de bonnes choses.

I have never been afraid of going to the dentist, orthodontist or else. I got all sorts of treatments and teeth work done in my mouth over the years.
Last thing was, two or three years ago, I had two fillings to get replaced.One that cracked and had a cavity under it, but the other had a new tiny spot on the side of the tooth, facing the other tooth.
I realized then that I got the dummass dentist. I will not name him for his sake.
I had only two fillings to get replaced. not a big deal, something that, in my opinion as a patient, could be done in one visit. I had that stuff done several times. Why would it be a problem now ? I don't get it.

What happened is this: he started to inject the liquid, it started to freeze but not the teeth itself, just beside, including right ear, part of the neck, throat. Four injections later, which was the max he could give me in one day, he started drilling anyway, hoping the tooth would finally receive the instruction to signaloff incoming pain signals, but my tooth was completely desensitised in a few minutes, I began feeling, I almost bit him.
Since he could not let me got like that he installed a temporary filling, something that could hold a couple of weeks. He said that I was probably too stressed to accept the anasthetic liquid. ya right, I had these things done several time and undera lot more stress and the others could find where to stick their needle. I never got the neck , throat and ear frozen all at once but not the tooth before.
I went back two weeks after, gave it another try. Same thing happened, got the neck, the ear, the lip, almost the eye, cheeck and throat on the right side frozen but not the tooth.
What a weirdo, couldn't get me right the first time, did it again the second. He really was stuck hitting the same damn nerve.

It took my molar tooth to scream at my "outch" "outch" "outch" for me to kick my rear-end and start looking for another dentist. This new one was recommended by a good friend. I told her the whole story, she said "let's make sure you will be calm before" and gave me a prescription for a medication to help me get calm before the first intervention.

Because of one imbecile who couldn't get me frozen in the appropriate spot, twice, I'm now officially traumatised of the whole aspect. Y'all wish me luck with this, not looking forward to it at all even though I actually trust this new dentist.

I'm very much afraid now