Extract from QuirksBlog: The iPhone obsession.. read it.

Extract from http://www.quirksmode.org/blog/archives/2010/02/the_iphone_obse.html:
"The iPhone obsession
Since my attempts at capturing web developers’ hearts and minds by publishing fundamental research have failed miserably but my thirst for attention continues unabated, today I will once more shout at iPhone developers. That’s proven to work.
More specifically, today I will shout at web developers who think that delicately inserting an iPhone up their ass is the same as mobile web development.
Before we start, a little thought experiment. Suppose I proposed the following:
  1. IE6 is today’s most advanced browser. (Note: this was actually true back in 2000. Please bear with me.)
  2. IE6’s market share is about 80%.
  3. The other browsers are way worse than IE6, and developing for them is a pain; something we’re not interested in and are a bit afraid of.
  4. Therefore we will develop websites exclusively for IE6.
Would you agree with those sentiments, even if we’re back in 2000 and IE6 is really the best browser we have?
Or would you reply that our sites should work as well as they can in all browsers through the use of web standards, progressive enhancement, and all the rest of the best practices we’ve been preaching for the past ten years?
I distinctly remember a time when we web developers cared about such concepts. But those times are long gone."...

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  1. Le seul navigateur web disponible sur mon poste au travail est Internet Explorer 6 et nous n'avons pas la possibilité d'en avoir un autre. C'est plutôt douloureux à utiliser. Par contre, même si je ne suis pas supposé, j'ai réussi à mettre Firefox sur mon poste.


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